Gear List


Per Person

Reflective Vest ( example vest ) – must be worn

Whistle (may be integral to pack)

Working compass ( nice example compass )

Emergency space blanket ( example )

Eight hours of light w/ backup battery ( some like MagicShine or ZebraLight – whatever works for you)

Sufficient food and beverage

Per Team

Cell phone, fully charged

First Aid Kit – Adventure Medical Kit 0.5 or better ( AMK 0.5 or AMK 0.7 e.g.).  Approximately equivalent/home brew okay.

 Suggested / Recommended / Items to Consider

Pack – $20 box store hydration pack will get you through the race.  Many in Michigan have and love their MS-1s, now replaced by the OutThere USA MS-2

Trail running shoes

Long sleeves

Long pants

Orienteering gaiters (shin protection)

Eye protection ( $2 safety glasses )


Phone waterproofing

Poison ivy scrub – you’re not going there on purpose….but it’s Michigan!  ( example or example )

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