Nitrogaine III


Orienteering in the dark.  An overnight rogaine.  A mud run with no defined course and 100% certified organic obstacles.  A choose your own adventure…with headlamps!

You’ll get a 1:15000 premarked orienteering style topographic map (well several large sheets of them!) with the checkpoints marked.  Navigate your way to as many of them in any order you like as long as you’re back by your cutoff – you’ll lose up to two checkpoints from your score for each minute you’re late.  Some will be on or near trails.  Some will be far off trail.  Some route choices will be straightforward.  Some route choices might be more…interesting.

GPS / Phones for recording/Strava purposes are fine, but please navigate with your wits, compass, and map.

New for 2017

Now offering:

  • The Quarter Nitro.  Not sure if you can go all night?  Get your feet wet from 10 pm until midnight.  There’s still the Half (10 pm until 2 am) and Full (10 pm until 6 am) of course.
  • More first to find cash prizes.  Can’t punch?  That’s because there’s $$ in the way


Register here after perusing the required gear.


June 24th, 2017

Check in:  7-8 pm

Maps: 8 pm

Race Briefing:  9:45 pm

Start:  10 pm

Finish:  12 am (Quarter) | 2 am (Half) | 6 am (Full)

Awards:  15 minutes after each course cut off

(Breakfast starting sometime between 5:30 and 6 am)


Tentatively:  Silver Lake Beach, Pinckney Recreation Area

How Much

$70 per person Full / $55 per person Half / $40 per person Quarter

Plus please have a Recreation Passport or daily sticker on whatever cars you bring – it is the best outdoors value in Michigan!   Out of staters:  You’ll need two passes, one for Saturday night and one for Sunday morning.  You’ll drive past the park headquarters on your way to the beach – please stop there if needed.

What You Get

  • ~50 accurately placed checkpoints (electronic and includes punch stick rental)
  • Each participant gets their own set of maps, even on teams
  • LIDAR derived topographical maps @ 1:15k
  • Dogs and brats (Quarter, Half)…sundae bar?!
  • Breakfast on the beach (Full Nitro)
  • Swag (if registered more than two weeks prior)
  • Instant results with electronic punching


Check out the competition at this team list (updated manually daily).


Contact Jens



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